Thursday, 11 December 2014

Pilot - Beginner's note & Fingerless gloves.

I couldn't remember when I started to do crocheting, but I think it was around two years ago. There are so many great crocheters out there who willing to teach on youtube. For that, I really  thank those people. Myself however didn't concentrate so much on learning it. I did it on and off. There are times when I completely dump my yarns in a box and put it away. And there are also times when I suddenly felt like crocheting. Well... as you can tell, I am not good but let see what I have done so far. 

1 - Fingerless gloves.
Haha... don't you think it is a terrible looking gloves. I learned it somewhere I couldn't remember  but it is certainly from a website. If I still remember the site, I would have link it here and trust me, the person did it so well. It was so beautiful. I don't have such talent but see... I still want to pat myself on the back. Heeehee... ^__^

terrible looking fingerless gloves

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